Global Rhythm Circle For Oneness

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EVENT – Global Rhythm Circle For Oneness

THEME – Global Oneness Day (And don’t forget to register for the 2015 Global Oneness Day Telesummit ~ completely complimentary)

WHEN – Any time between October 18th-25th 2015

WHERE – Wherever you are – anytime during those 8 days.

THE INTENTION – For people from all over the globe to spread vibrations and energy of peace, love & Oneness to everyone & everything on the planet (and beyond).   ACT Locally ~ ImpACT Globally ~ this is a cost free event!

HOW -  You have choices of ways you can participate …
a.  Drum, Dance or do anything rhythmic where you are (this can also be in your head)
b.  Have a get-together at home, in a park, block party, etc…to drum, dance, etc…
c.  Be creative and let us know the ways you have come up with to participate ~
d.  Participate in ANY way you choose ~
e.  Let us know where your group is gathering

WHY -  Music (and therefore, rhythm) is a universal language.  We all respond to the vibrations, rhythms and melodies whether we understand the words, or not.  No matter whether or not someone thinks they have rhythm, the fact is that if you just feel your pulse you realize that everyone has an inner-percussionist.  If you have a heart-beat you can drum, shake, dance, etc… Globally, as we join from different parts of the world, in different time zones, even though we won’t “know” it we will FEEL it as our rhythms become one.- knowing that there are others playing/dancing at the same time – which will serve to make us feel even more connected.

Remember wherever you go and whatever you do – set an intention at the beginning that this is a safe place – a mistake-free zone.  There is no right or wrong–there is only the intention of getting the positive vibrations out through different types of rhythm & feeling our connectedness and our Oneness.

When you sign up, please indicate your state/province and country and whether you wish to invite others to your Circle event.  Also, please go to this link and fill out the time/date/place of your event and it will appear on our Humanity’s Team public calendar of events.  If you’re participating individually or it is a more intimate gathering, please just write a note to so that we can know how many people are participating around the world.  After your event please send pictures of yourself or your group participating so we can make a compilation to share with other teammates.

Last year, we had several thousand people participate from approximately 63 countries (and 43 states & Washington, D.C. in the US) represented. Let’s see if we can at least DOUBLE that, this year. Wouldn’t it be ONEDERFUL to participate in the World’s Largest Rhythm Circle – with the intention of feeling our connectedness – during this Global Oneness Day celebration?

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CONTACT – Michele Sevacko, Coordinator of this project

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